Some Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do I need to pay upfront?

To hire an evening/prom dress, you only need to pay the first £30, the balance doesn't need to be paid until you come for the fitting, the week you are wearing it.

To buy a new dress we have in the shop, the sooner you pay for it the sooner you get it! If we are ordering one in your chosen style and colour, we will need half the price; again you can pay in stages, but remember, if it's not in stock, it can take up to three months to be made and delivered. Some arrive in a few days.

For designs we are making for you, any amounts can be put down as a deposit, but we won't start making your dress until about a third has been paid. We are quite flexible, and there's no extra credit charge.

What payment methods do you accept?

All- cash, cheques, cards (but not American Express, sorry).

What if I damage my hire dress?

Don't worry. We know you will do your best to look after it, but we also want you to enjoy wearing it! Unlike other companies,insurance, repairs and cleaning are included in the hire price.

What happens if I lose weight?

We can take all our dresses in, so it's not a problem. If you have gone up in size, you may need to choose another style, but quite a lot of our designs have a laced back, so there's some flexibility. Bespoke designs  have the last fitting close to the wedding/occasion, so again it will be a perfect fit.

Are there alteration charges?

No extra charges for dresses made individually to order from a design appointment,the price is set from the start, so you know the total cost. Evening dresses being hired or bought from stock may need a few alterations, especially darts and hems, which there is a small charge for- £10-30 depending on how much needs doing. A good fit makes all the difference, and we are happy to alter any of our own dresses, but not others, sorry.

Do I need an appointment?

Not to look at/try on evening dresses, but if you are considering having one made, you do need to book ahead.