Monday – Friday 10am – 5.30pm

Saturday 10 – 4pm

Sunday and Bank holidays closed

Parking is available in Ann Street and around Steyne Gardens. There is also a multi-storey car park nearby.

You can contact us on 01903 214990 or email us at


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes please, we kindly ask you to make an appointment to try on our dresses. We can then guarantee you will have your own changing room, for your whole appointment. However, if you’re passing and we’re not busy with a customer, then you’re of course very welcome.

Prom girls, we do ask you to be accompanied by your own parent or guardian for your appointment please.

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

We suggest you bring a maximum of 2 guests to your appointment as we are a little shop full of beautiful dresses and we want you to have a comfortable visit.

Can my friend and I try on prom dresses at the same appointment?

From previous experience we don’t recommend booking an appointment at the same time as a friend, as we like to give you one to one service and we really want you to have the best experience, but sometimes we find it can be distracting and less enjoyable having a friend trying on as well for many reasons… It may be the case that you have different budgets and therefore have different collections to choose from which can be upsetting for both friends and parents. Or if one design is tried on and loved by both friends during the appointment it can become highly competitive and we desperately want to avoid anyone experiencing this as we really want you to have the most enjoyable prom dress experience.

How much do I need to pay upfront?

To hire an evening/prom dress, we ask you to pay a deposit of £50 which is non refundable, the balance doesn’t need to be paid until you come for the fitting, the week you are wearing it.

To purchase a dress, if you are buying a new dress we have in stock or from the sale rail, we ask you to pay for the dress in full and take it home with you. If we are ordering a dress for you, we ask you to pay a minimum of a 50% deposit, which is non refundable and you are then committed to purchasing the dress in full.

What happens if my event is cancelled or I change my mind?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. If your event is cancelled or you change your mind on either a dress we have specially ordered for you, one you have bought from stock, or from the sale, you are still obliged to pay for the dress in full and collect it.

If you have not collected your dress within 30 days past the date of your event, after we have made reasonable efforts to contact you via the details, you provided, any dress in this position will be deemed abandoned. If you are unreachable or unresponsive, your rights to the dress after this time will be terminated.

If you have hired a dress, you will forfeit your deposit paid.

What if I damage my hire dress?

We know you will do your best to look after your hire dress, but we also want you to enjoy wearing it! Minor repairs and cleaning are included in the hire price, however if there is major damage to our hire dress then you may incur an additional charge. We kindly ask you not to apply eyelash or nail glue whilst wearing our dresses, if any dress is returned with glue marks you will be obliged to purchase the dress in full as this is unrepairable.

Do you reserve a specific design for each occasion?

Yes we do! We promise to only send one of each design to each occasion even if we stock it in multiple colours. Once you’ve chosen your dress for your event, it will then be off limits for other people attending the same event to even try it on. We do however have some styles which have some similarities but they will always be a different design from us.

What happens if I change size?

We can take in all our evening and prom dresses but we are unable to let out our dresses. When you purchase a dress from us, it is your responsibility to remain the same size as when you bought it, however we will always do our very best to help if you have changed shape.

Are there alteration charges?

For evening and prom dresses being hired from us there is a small additional charge for alterations, which is usually between £10 to £40, depending on how much needs doing.

Alteration costs for dresses bought from us range between £10-£150 depending on what needs altering.

We are always happy to alter our own dresses, but not others bought elsewhere, sorry.